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40s and 50s - On Your Way

Ideally, by the time you reach your 40s you’ll already have built up some retirement savings.

If you haven’t already started – it isn’t too late. The amount you should start saving depends on the lifestyle you would like to have during your retirement. One way to catch up on retirement savings is to make good use of any bonuses or pay raises you receive over this period. We can help you examine where you are and how to maximize those raises and bonuses.

We can help you to plan to take control of your debts and other financial responsibilities during this period. In addition, we can help you assess how much you will need to be comfortable during retirement and make sure you are on track to accumulate it.


This decade is perhaps the most significant in your retirement planning.

Do you have a retirement date in mind? While it might not be definite, it could serve as a guide. Next, we will calculate the sort of income you will need in retirement, assist you in assessing how much you will need, take a detailed look at how your sources of future retirement income are performing, and start to discuss income options – including a review of Social Security.

We will review you current attitudes towards risk and reward to see if a change in the way your assets and investments are allocated is called for or if we should stay the course.

We will also examine the benefits of maximizing contributions to retirement plans, as this is may be one of your last chances to increase your retirement fund savings.

Keep the Momentum in your Plan

  • Save more
  • Review and update your plan
  • Protect yourself against the unexpected
  • Research your Pension Plan Options
  • Develop your retirement income strategies

We invite you to contact us today so that we can help you determine if you are on the right path to retirement.