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eQuipt & Client Login

The Equipt portal provides access to your accounts on the Royal Alliance Brokerage Platform - powered by National Financial Services (otherwise known as Wealthscape.)

For those of you who still have accounts held directly at one of the providers listed below, please click on the company name to access your account.

eQuipt FAQs

We have gotten a few good questions from our clients regarding the eQuipt invitations that we have been sending out via e-mail, recently. We are hoping that we can further clarify by letting you know these questions and our answers to them. Here they are:

Is this what I discussed with Michael already? Is this the same system that I already signed up for at our last meeting?

  • Yes, this is the same system that Michael and our staff has been discussing with you over the last several months.

 Didn’t I already give consent in 2019 when I signed the eConsent form?

  • Your consent is given when you sign up for eDelivery and this consent overrides the consent we previously got from you by way of signature on the hard copy     eConsent form. This is a new requirement and the paper documents that were previously signed will no longer be considered proper authorization for eDelivery.

Is the information that is being sent to us via e-mail important?

  • The document(s) you receive will originally be product specific information and prospectuses. Your statements and tax documents will still be sent to you via U.S. Mail. The information that will be sent to your e-mail will only ever say something like this: “Hello client, you now have a document ready to view. View your document by clicking here.” Once you click on “view document”, you will be taken to the sign in page where you will sign in using the e-mail address we have on file for you as well as the password that you previously created for yourself. You cannot view the account document until your credentials are entered into the system, to ensure your documents are secure and only being viewed by you.

What if my e-mail changes?

  • If your e-mail should change, let Michael or his staff know so we are sure to have the most up to date information. From there, your username and password will remain the same as it was when it was originally created but you will now receive the “you have a document ready to view” e-mail to your newest e-mail instead of the e-mail which you will continue to use for your username.

Where can I find an account number?

  • When creating an account for the first time, you will be asked to enter an account number. This can be found on your monthly or quarterly statement(s) as well as your tax documents that you recently received. Once you enter one of your NFS account numbers and successfully sign in to view your account, you will see any additional NFS accounts you may have. Should you need help finding your account number, please call our office and we will assist you further.

If you have previously logged in to view your NFS accounts through Wealthscape Investors before, that login will continue to work but once you create a eQuipt login, you will see the Wealthscape dashboard is also built into the eQuipt dashboard and we prefer you migrate over to the new RAA eQuipt dashboard and use that system instead of Wealthscape login directly.

Please call our office if we have not answered your question with the above answers. We look forward to hearing from you!