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Legacy Planning

Legacy Planning

What lasting lessons, traditions, or important character traits do you want those you care about to learn from you? 

How will you be remembered? It's more than just assets.

How will you be remembered? It's more than just assets.

Legacies are not unique to the rich and powerful. Client 1st Financial is committed to changing the perception of how we leave our mark. Merriam-Webster defines legacy as “something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor;” it is also defined as “a gift or bequest.” It’s not just about what you leave for people, but what you leave in people.

There will come a time when you realize that you have spent a lifetime building your wealth and you want to know how it can provide a lasting legacy to the next generation. Taking the time to define a living legacy is a purposeful way to share what really matters and what you hope will endure over time. 

It is important to address several questions when framing the goal of leaving a legacy:

  • How much wealth is enough for the children?
  • At what age should the money be transferred?
  • Should we create incentive milestones (i.e., college graduation) or other goals before the money is transferred? 
  • Is there a charitable cause you believe in and would want to leave money to?

Legacy planning is giving the reasons for the WHY behind your money, and how best to use it to enhance lives.

Client 1st Financial helps our clients dream big and no matter your legacy, creating a plan will offer you a vision and place you on the path to your financial goals.

Define Your Legacy

Define Your Legacy

It takes time to determine what kind of impact your legacy should make. If you don't have a plan in place for your estate, its management might go against your wishes once it is passed on. While important for everyone, legacy planning can be especially useful for those with small businesses or other assets that require maintenance.

Client 1st Financial's knowledgeable team will walk you through the process. The good news it’s never too late or too early to begin building your legacy. We will provide advice on how best to prepare your legacy and assist with any questions or special requests that might come up.

Reaching a level of financial security that will both provide you with a comfortable life and allow you to leave wealth as a part of your legacy is important. Leaving a financial legacy is dependent on being financially secure enough to amass a legacy in the first place. We can help you reach those goals.

Building, Protecting and Passing Your Legacy

Building and protecting your legacy is paramount to creating a successful plan for your future and the future of those you care about.

After addressing the issue of financial security, Client 1st Financial will help ensure that your affairs are managed and continue to prosper after they've been passed on. We usually recommend setting up a meeting with your next of kin to discuss the management of your estate, so there are no surprises. The meeting allows you to communicate any preferences or wishes you have regarding how it should be managed or what should become of it.

We can also assist you in donating any portion of your wealth to charity. In addition to assisting with the estate's development and management, Client 1st Financial services include a review of any taxes that might affect your estate and a process to make sure that all potential tax scenarios are considered. 

<strong>, Protecting and Passing Your Legacy</strong>

 Client 1st Financial is ready to assist in many ways:

  • Begin conversations about wealth transfer in a safe way.
  • Support spouses and partners in thinking through future plans for transitioning wealth.
  • Help you articulate your future family vision.
  • Educate beneficiaries on investment and wealth management concepts.
  • Prepare upcoming generations for future roles and responsibilities.
  • Create family infrastructure to support ongoing planning and communication.

Partner with a legacy-focused advocate to help you work through these scenarios and others of importance to you and place you on the right path.