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60s - Approaching Retirement

Even if you have been saving for retirement for decades, you may not have thought much about what your actual retirement would be like. As your retirement draws closer, it’s time to start preparing for the transition.

Every stage on your retirement journey is crucial. But some are more crucial than others. Today, preparing for retirement is about keeping more of what you have saved, maximizing your benefits and making efficient decisions. Decisions that once seemed a long way off are now right around the corner.

At this time, debts like mortgages and personal loans are typically either paid off or the balances are very low. You may have other expenses in your budget, such as helping out with the education of grandchildren. This is an important issue to cover.

  • Reaching out and talking to us is vital at this stage.
  • We will check that all your debts are appropriate and manageable.
  • At Client 1st Financial we will work with you to make sure you enjoy your golden years!

We invite you to contact us today – Let us help you get there!