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What is Legacy Planning & Why Should You Care About It?

June 14, 2023

Merriam-Webster defines legacy as “something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor.” We all have a responsibility to handle our own legacies for those who come after us. They aren’t unique to the rich and powerful. After a lifetime of building your wealth and impact in your community, you want the comfort of knowing your legacy is being properly managed to provide a lasting impact on the next generation. Client 1st Financial President and CEO Michael Fischer believes so deeply in the importance of legacy planning that it is one of our agency’s four primary services. We are here to help you define your living legacy and decide what parts of your life and values you want to endure long after you’re gone. 

While working with Client 1st Financial, we will help you answer questions like:

  •  Who matters most?
  •  What are you passionate about?
  •  How do you want to be remembered? 

At Client 1st Financial, our skilled team will help guide you and your family through every step of the legacy planning process, including estate planning, family discussions, charitable donations, and more. This type of planning is especially useful for those with small businesses or other assets that require maintenance. We help our clients dream big when planning for their legacy. Creating a plan will offer you a vision and guide you toward your financial goals. 

It’s never too late or too early to begin building your legacy. Leaving a lasting impact on your family, school, or community is not a difficult thing to do, but it does require forethought and planning. If you would like to start planning your legacy, visit our website at and contact us today.